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​A Insurtech Company

About WiseInsur

​About us

WiseInsur is a Canada insurtech company that specializes in connecting insurance agents with clients. Our primary mission is to create a seamless and efficient platform for customers and agents to interact and conduct business.

Our user-friendly app allows clients to choose the most suitable insurance agent for their needs, customize their desired coverage, and receive tailored product proposals from our network of skilled agents. Agents can submit their top product recommendations, provide quotes, and manage client information all within the app.

WiseInsur's platform also features a built-in instant messaging system, enabling real-time communication between clients and agents. This allows for prompt discussions on product details, pricing, and other essential aspects of the insurance process.

We pride ourselves on our unique agent rating system, which assesses the service and professional capabilities of each insurance agent. This rating system makes it easier for clients to find and choose the right agent for their specific requirements.

Clients can manage their personal property and vehicle information on the platform, eliminating the need to re-enter redundant information during each insurance quote. This convenient feature streamlines the quoting process, making it hassle-free for our users.

Additionally, WiseInsur has integrated with OpenAI's API, providing intelligent product recommendations and assisting insurance agents in growing their businesses efficiently. This collaboration enhances the overall user experience by utilizing advanced AI technology to deliver personalized and relevant insurance solutions to our clients.

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